Why are women so strange and men so weird?

Why are women so strange and men so weird?

The first lesson I want to share with you that I have learned to be completely necessary is understanding the opposite sex. If you are transitioning from a party princess to a domestic goddess, it does not matter how chic your outfit is, you must be able to effectively communicate with the opposite sex. I am not saying that without being able to do this you won’t be in a successful relationship, but chances are slim the exciting new love you have found will last forever without this skill. The attached audio is one of the many I have used to begin trying to understand the differences between men and women, “Why are women so strange and men so weird?” By Bruce Christopher has change my life completely. This audio is informative and amusing, it gives you the opportunity to put yourself in your significant others shoes for a few moments. You will find yourself saying “That’s so True!!” and “He/She does that all the time”. 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and opinions after engaging yourself in this intriguing audio!