My First Post!

My Name is Abby Lauren I am 22 years old (for only 44 more days!!) I am exactly 93 days away from being an UCF Alumni! I moved to Orlando 4 and a half years ago after growing up in Jupiter, FL. I spent a majority of my teenage years cheerleading, participating in school activities, and most of all having a great time with my friends, ALL the TIME. There was not much that separated me from some form of fun, whether it was eating massive amounts of cookies & ice cream watching chick flicks with my girl friends, bedazzling ourselves for the next “hip” get together, or relaxing on the beach. Life has always been fun to me. My life is electrifying, sensational, thrilling, and rarely calm.   Getting an education and keeping up with my social life has always been a full time job. The “International Party Princess” seemed to be everywhere at every moment. I had such a busy schedule. How did I manage it all? How did I remember where to be? Who I was going with? and we can’t forget about keeping track of all my homework and miscellaneous jobs. Being Organized has saved my life (I will go into deeper details about that later on). School has always been a priority to me and I enjoy the act of learning, I enjoy being involved, interacting with others, and of course meeting new people. Now that college is coming to an end so is…..


my princess planner. A princess will always be a princess but sooner or later the cookies & ice cream become horderves, the girl friends become boyfriends, the parties are no longer as much fun, and the sequins becomes diamonds. This does not by any means mean that my life couldn’t still be as magnificent and arousing, the International Party Princess has just become a domestic goddess. *Do not let me fool you with the perception that domestic means boring, life-less, or dull in any way because it is not. Being domestic is many things, it is lovely, devoted, caring, and of course fun. 

As I prepare to complete a big chapter of my life as an UCF Undergraduate student, I am being faced with reality. From many roommates, dates, parties, all-nighters, college jobs, and mistakes, there is an umpteen amount of  life lessons learned that I’d like to share with you. Tips, How-to’s, How-not-to’s, and why organization is key. Deciding on when to move in with your girl friends…I mean boyfriend and what to expect, the art of house-cleaning, the love behind cooking him a delicious meal, and we can’t forget planning our future, our careers, our families, our soon-to-be finances, husbands/wives, moms/dads, etc. Considering my love for learning, I am going to share with you the multitudes of books, audios, classes, disagreements, celebrations, and articles, that I have found successful during my transition of an “International Party Princess to Domestic Goddess”.