Maintaining a Tidy Home

Maintaining a Tidy Home

Blog Cleaning List Blank During my life transition I have learned one very important lesson! This is especially necessary if you, like me, are an organized and tidy goddess, messy is my worst enemy. If I found out that to maintain an organized home an organized system is rather necessary. This is a process that I that requires trial and error considering every time I think I am finished cleaning I realize there is something else that must be done. Also some tasks may not need to be done as often as you think they do. Coming up with an easy to follow cleaning guide is the first step to organizing your home. If you just recently moved in with your partner or even if you have a new roommate, you may be in for big surprise when your cleaning habits do not exactly match up to theirs; so be patient and adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly, it will take some time to realize that the other person can be compared to a muddy pig and you have to clean way more often than expected or hey maybe you will get lucky and you realize some things do not need to be done as often as planned. I have attached my personal “Cleaning Check List” that I separated into weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly charts as a guide so you can fill out the blank chart for your personal needs to maintain a tidy home.


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