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Having to re-decorate after moving in a guy is a challenging quest. Having a plan has helped me significantly! Heres how….

It first comes down to recognizing what you actually need room by room. I started out by looking outline for items I liked and rooms that inspired me and I would create a color guide; this way when you actually go shopping you are able to pick out items that match without wondering or hoping if they actually will. Another tip would be to print out the pictures of items or log the SKU # so you can find what you are looking for right away. This saves a lot of time! Here is a guide for decorating your master bedroom, dining room, home office, and living room; also a blank guide so you can customize it to personally fit your home.


Maintaining a Tidy Home

Maintaining a Tidy Home

Blog Cleaning List Blank During my life transition I have learned one very important lesson! This is especially necessary if you, like me, are an organized and tidy goddess, messy is my worst enemy. If I found out that to maintain an organized home an organized system is rather necessary. This is a process that I that requires trial and error considering every time I think I am finished cleaning I realize there is something else that must be done. Also some tasks may not need to be done as often as you think they do. Coming up with an easy to follow cleaning guide is the first step to organizing your home. If you just recently moved in with your partner or even if you have a new roommate, you may be in for big surprise when your cleaning habits do not exactly match up to theirs; so be patient and adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly, it will take some time to realize that the other person can be compared to a muddy pig and you have to clean way more often than expected or hey maybe you will get lucky and you realize some things do not need to be done as often as planned. I have attached my personal “Cleaning Check List” that I separated into weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly charts as a guide so you can fill out the blank chart for your personal needs to maintain a tidy home.

Time Management is Key to a Successful, Healthy, & Happy Life

“How are you capable of doing everything?” “You are always are doing something new and staying busy, how do you do it?” My answer is simply Time Management! Planning ahead and being organized are my secrets to being able to “do it all!” During my transformation I had to learn how to manage my time because according to Bethenny Frankel, a current talk show host, entrepreneur, mom, founder of Skinny Girl Cocktails, and a writer of 3 New York Times bestsellers,  “procrastination is the thief of time and time is the greatest commoditywe have, so bang it out.” Not knowing what you have to do and when you have to do it will only delay your transformation of becoming the best version of you, you can be!! There is no better time than now to do it, what are you waiting for? Every Sunday I spend 10-15 minutes filling out my weekly time management log. I include everything from what time I will wake up, how long I want to sit around and watch Kelly & Michael (my day has not begun without them), what time I will walk my precious puppy Tory, eating breakfast, getting ready, and driving from each location I need to go to throughout the day. (Tip: always give yourself an extra 15 minute window between activities for things such as traffic and lazy mornings when you think it necessary to press the snooze bar..twice!) Also I always start with the non negotiable places I have to be during the week, such as class, work, and doctors appointments, then I begin planning at the end of my day, if I want to go to bed at 10pm that’s where I begin planning my day and I work backwards. Bed 10pm, shower & get ready for bed at 9:30, I know I have class 6:00pm-7:15pm on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and it takes me about 45 minutes to drive home so that means I have 2 hours once I get home to designate to any homework, me time, running, reading, etc. For example…You do not plan dinner with your girl friends until you know you have enough time set out for completing your homework. Another necessity for doing it all is waking up early! Do not waste any more of your precious time sleeping all day, go to bed early, wake up early! It took me a couple attempts to actually realize how much time there really is available during the day, but once you get it down you will suddenly have time for all those fitness classes, massages, mani/pedi appointments, girls night out. etc. When you properly prioritize and organize your schedule throughout the week everything surprisingly gets done and done right.

I have attached a Weekly Time Management log that I created and use on a weekly basis. I block out the times I will be driving so I know not to plan anything then, I automatically have my class times filled out and each week I adjust any appointments made as necessary. For any more tips and advice on how to properly plan out each week, I am here to help. Fill out your non-negotiable places to-be and along with a list of things you would like to get done throughout the week and I will personally help you manage your time wisely 🙂

Printable Weekly Time Management

If you have any personal questions feel free to comment or email me at any time


Why are women so strange and men so weird?

Why are women so strange and men so weird?

The first lesson I want to share with you that I have learned to be completely necessary is understanding the opposite sex. If you are transitioning from a party princess to a domestic goddess, it does not matter how chic your outfit is, you must be able to effectively communicate with the opposite sex. I am not saying that without being able to do this you won’t be in a successful relationship, but chances are slim the exciting new love you have found will last forever without this skill. The attached audio is one of the many I have used to begin trying to understand the differences between men and women, “Why are women so strange and men so weird?” By Bruce Christopher has change my life completely. This audio is informative and amusing, it gives you the opportunity to put yourself in your significant others shoes for a few moments. You will find yourself saying “That’s so True!!” and “He/She does that all the time”. 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and opinions after engaging yourself in this intriguing audio! 

My First Post!

My Name is Abby Lauren I am 22 years old (for only 44 more days!!) I am exactly 93 days away from being an UCF Alumni! I moved to Orlando 4 and a half years ago after growing up in Jupiter, FL. I spent a majority of my teenage years cheerleading, participating in school activities, and most of all having a great time with my friends, ALL the TIME. There was not much that separated me from some form of fun, whether it was eating massive amounts of cookies & ice cream watching chick flicks with my girl friends, bedazzling ourselves for the next “hip” get together, or relaxing on the beach. Life has always been fun to me. My life is electrifying, sensational, thrilling, and rarely calm.   Getting an education and keeping up with my social life has always been a full time job. The “International Party Princess” seemed to be everywhere at every moment. I had such a busy schedule. How did I manage it all? How did I remember where to be? Who I was going with? and we can’t forget about keeping track of all my homework and miscellaneous jobs. Being Organized has saved my life (I will go into deeper details about that later on). School has always been a priority to me and I enjoy the act of learning, I enjoy being involved, interacting with others, and of course meeting new people. Now that college is coming to an end so is…..


my princess planner. A princess will always be a princess but sooner or later the cookies & ice cream become horderves, the girl friends become boyfriends, the parties are no longer as much fun, and the sequins becomes diamonds. This does not by any means mean that my life couldn’t still be as magnificent and arousing, the International Party Princess has just become a domestic goddess. *Do not let me fool you with the perception that domestic means boring, life-less, or dull in any way because it is not. Being domestic is many things, it is lovely, devoted, caring, and of course fun. 

As I prepare to complete a big chapter of my life as an UCF Undergraduate student, I am being faced with reality. From many roommates, dates, parties, all-nighters, college jobs, and mistakes, there is an umpteen amount of  life lessons learned that I’d like to share with you. Tips, How-to’s, How-not-to’s, and why organization is key. Deciding on when to move in with your girl friends…I mean boyfriend and what to expect, the art of house-cleaning, the love behind cooking him a delicious meal, and we can’t forget planning our future, our careers, our families, our soon-to-be finances, husbands/wives, moms/dads, etc. Considering my love for learning, I am going to share with you the multitudes of books, audios, classes, disagreements, celebrations, and articles, that I have found successful during my transition of an “International Party Princess to Domestic Goddess”.